............................................Our Projects........................................

  1. University of North Texas at Denton
    RFP752-8-595-CS-Job Order Contract
    Assistant Director PPS
    Project: Provide construction Services on a as needed basis
    Contract: 07/31/2008 - 07/31/2012
    Contract Renewal: 7/31/2012

  2. City of Plano
    ISD Independentent School District

  3. Lewisville Animal Shelter
    851 Treatment Plant Rd.
    Lewisville, TX 75057

    Director: Pat Jackson

    Phone: (972)219-3478
    Project: Glass Repair/Fence Repair
    GC: Centennial Contractors

  4. Lewisville Recreation Center
    191 Civic Circle
    Lewisville, TX 75057
    Director: Monica Brezina
    Phone: (972)219-5056
    Project: Interior finish out; bathrooms, painting, acoustical ceiling repair
    GC: Centennial Contractors

  5. Lewisville Firing Range
    901 Treatment Plant Rd.
    Lewisville, TX 75057
    Director: Scott Pedigrew
    Phone: (972)219-3608
    Project: Framing, installing acoustical wall panels, painting
    GC: Centennial Contractors

  6. City of Lancaster: Houston Elementary School
    422 S. Centre Avenue
    Lancaster, TX 75146
    Director: Elvin Lotten
    Phone: (972)218-1400
    Project: Doors, Frames, Hardware
    GC: Gallagher Construction

  7. City of Desoto
    211 E. Pleasanton Run
    Desoto, TX 75115
    Project: Desoto Senior Center Renovation & Expansion
    Architect: Brown Reynolds Watford
    GC: JC Commercial
    Phone: (214)528-8707
    Fax: (214)528-8707

  8. City of Desoto FIre Training Academy
    Project: Acoustical Ceiling Tile
    GC: Centennial Contractors

  9. UTD-Callier Center
    Richardson, TX
    Project: Acoustical Ceiling Tile
    General Contractor: Centennial Contractors
    Attn: Eric Stanford (972)906-9180

  10. City of Plano
    Contact: Dianna Wike C.P.M purchasing div
    Phone: (972)941-7549
    Fax: (972)461-6826
    Job order Contract 8/2007 - present w/possible 2yr renewal
    Project: Glass repair and replacement on as needed basis, and Framing

  11. UNT Denton, TX Marquis Hall Renovation
    Project: Interior Finish out Classrooms
    General contractor: Alpha Construction
    Attn: Gary Raymond

  12. City of Garland
    Project: Ohlinger Power Plant
    Doors, frames, hardware
    General Contractor: Centennial Contractor
    Attn: Wendy Chandler
    Phone: (972)906-9180

  13. Grand Prairie Independent School
    2602 S. Beltline Rd
    Grand Prairie, TX 75052
    Job Order Contract Bld 07-27
    Contact: John Orr, Director of Purchasing

  14. City of Plano - completed 9/2008
    General Contractor: Centennial C
    Project: Police Firing Range Demolition, Doors, Frames, Hardware Framing, drywall

  15. City of Plano Jail Addition - completed 10/2008
    General Contractor: Centennial Contractors
    Project: Demolition

  16. City of Garland Police Dept
    General Contractor Centennial Contractors
    Project: Demolition Evidence Room

  17. Five Guys Burger and Fries
    242 State Street
    Southlake, TX 76092
    General Contractor: Krell Construction
    Attn: Rod Sibley
    Phone: (817)939-2109
    Project: Windows

  18. University of North Texas at Denton
    2310 N. I-35 Project: Painting, Wall Repair, Re-upholstery
    Contact: Randy Salsman/Monica Hubbard
    Project Completed: 03/2009; 07/2009

  19. University of North Texas at Denton
    RFP 752-9-72164ER
    Project: West Hall North General Bath Renovations
    Project Completed: 08/2009

  20. Mountainview College Renovation
    Project: Complete Demolition, Electrical, Drywall, Data Cabling
    GC: Rowland Constructors
    Completed: August, 2010

  21. City of Coppell
    Project: Window Renovation
    GC: MDI Contractors (Rob Hubbard)
    Phone: 469-635-3400
    Completed: December/2010

  22. University of North Texas
    Project: Doors, Frames, Hardware UNT stadium
    GC: Manhattan Construction (Jon Ballard)
    Phone: 214-438-6768
    Completed: In Progress